Michael Sturm

Michael Sturm is the CEO of TMSe, bringing more than 15 years of technical and executive management experience to the company.

Parallel of leading TMSe, he is also the founder of MS Marketing (URL).

Prior to those new very challenging roles, Michael served as Vice President Channel Management and Strategic Alliances at Verizon Digital Media.

He initially joined Verizon through the acquisition of AOL, where he was the EMEA and APAC Sales and Business development Director.

Prior to working with the AOL offerings, Michael served as Sales Director at ADTECH the core adserving platform behind AOL for many years.

His core connections are located in the European, Asien and South America territories where he successfully built up new company entities and he played a main role in expanding their offerings, within building up and training teams. A major advantage was also his knowledge in laying the pavement for launching new products and establishing them.  

Michael also has a background in the Agency, Publisher, Advertiser and Network industry, supporting and consulting companies to find the right workflow and technology to bring them to the next level.

Michael has an extensive technical background, starting his career in the hard and software industry.

His ability to thread technology with business strategy along with his proven development track record has quickly propelled him into being a known player in the industry with jobs at the industry’s leading technology companies.

He has spent years building and leading highly effective sales and business development teams through his passion for the internet, creative problem solving and the ability to adapt to an ever-changing paste in the market.

He is also a frequent speaker at industry events, trade shows and conferences

Major expertise:

  • OTT
  • Streaming solutions
  • Adserver technology
  • Networking
  • Media Business
  • SSP / DSP knowledge
  • Consulting
  • Strategizing
  • end to end workflow building
  • Digital transformation
  • Building reseller programs for enterprises

Ursula Mergui

Ursula Mergui is the CSO and Co- Founder of TMSe and responsible for the Sales and Strategic Business Development.

She is leading the global connections inside of TMSe, including managing our Partners in Europe, Asia, Middle East and South Africa.

Previously working for more than 8 years at Verizon Digital Media Services/AOL/ADTECH, Ursula held the role of Channel Management, Strategic Alliances, Senior Sales Manager and internal advisor with working hand in hand with Mr. Michael Sturm to bring relevant profit to each and every entity of the organization. Speaking several languages was a huge advantage in negotiating new deals in different territories.

Ursula was an instrumental player in growing revenues during the company’s development and changes and a "go to person" for every issues which occurred.
As Strategic Alliances and Channel Manager, she was responsible for finding fitting partners, training them, working hand in hand in negotiations and played a main role in closing the deals.

This included product knowledge, profit responsibility, definitions and workflows, strategy, delivery and market rollout execution, while studying international law in her free time.

With over 10 years of Digital Industry and Strategic operations experience in the media and advertising industries, Ursula has held multiple roles that span industry wide with knowledge in multiple fields while attending more than 100 trade shows during the last decade.

Prior working in enterprise field and also during all those years Ursula was constantly in contact with mid size, small and start up companies (E-Commerce, Gaming Industry, Network Industry) spending her free time to consult and contribute to their success in the ever changing digital jungle.  

Major expertise:

  • Adserving Solution (Mobile, Display, Video, Rich Media)
  • DSP/SSP platforms
  • Media Buying
  • Enterprise connections
  • Building end to end internal and external workflows
  • Different culture adjustment
  • Networking
  • Consulting
  • Strategizing

5 key strategic success factors

We interface (connect and facilitate), monetize digitally the connection between the right people and markets
We deploy a trusted network to help every digital customer to increase their reach globally. Digital Reach = Revenue
We build a trusted network with dedicated skills to increase revenue in a B2B digital advertising space. Win – win
We differentiate ourselves by having met everybody we do business with, by having done business with them, by knowing what their capabilities are.
We help our clients to face the risk in emerging markets with confidence

Problems & Solutions

The fear of entering new markets

We provide the dedicated skills and trusted network

Perception towards new markets

We interface, mediate and facilitate a healthy relationship

To meet the wrong people and build the wrong biz

We know the right people on ground; we are doing business with them!

What People Say About Us

“Donec ullamcorper nulla non metus auctor fringilla. Maecenas sed diam eget risus varius blandit sit amet non magna. Maecenas faucibus mollis interdum.”

Kyle Killit
Designer at Tiempo Labs

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Sergie Kalashnikov
CEO at BentoBox

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Bryant Chou
CTO at Slapper Labs

Partner/Reseller programs:

We develop and manage partner programs for companies who want to expand their bsuiness into new markets.

Maximize global growth into new markets through established and experienced partners!